Update 2012.02.28: This project reincarnated with new name and at new place. Meet the YUVIT. All files and information related to any2yuv project are no longer maintained and obsolete.


any2yuv [options] <input_file(s)> <output_file(s)>

Options are:
-a : Append mode. All output YUV images will be written to single output file (stream).
-t <h2v2|h2v1|h1v2|h1v1> : Type of output YUV image(s).
-m <first> <last> <n> : Multiple input file mode. Where:
<first> : initial counter value in filename(s)
<last> : last counter value for input filename(s)
<n> : number of digits in counter ("3" for "001", "5" for "00001" and etc)
-c : Output YUV files as C/C++ source.


Counters help you convert multiple input or/and output files at once. To use counters, just specify '$' sign in input or/and output filenames.

For example:
test$.jpg will be expanded to test001.jpg or test9999.jpg according to counter options.


Example 1
Convert images starting with test000.bmp up to test100.bmp into single out.yuv file

any2yuv -a -m 0 100 3 test$.bmp out.yuv

Example 2
Convert images starting with test00010.jpg up to test00200.jpg into files out00010.yuv...out00200.yuv accordingly.

any2yuv -m 10 200 5 test$.jpg out$.yuv

YUV formats

This tool supports mostly all known YUV formats. For example output yuv images can be well known: YUV4:2:0, YUV4:2:2 and 4:4:4. But also tool supports conversion in some specific (more rare) formats used in JPEG codec: H2V2(same as 4:2:0), H2V1 (same as 4:2:2), H1V2 and H1V1(same as 4:4:4).

Planar storing format
One of well known yuv storing format is planar format. "Planar" format means, that each image/frame stores firstly all Y components, then all U components and then all V components. Planar format can be visualized as:

Planar YUV

Tool supports storing of yuv images in planar format.

Mixed storing format
Another known format for storing yuv images is a mixed format, when all Y, U and V component mixed with each other:

Mixed YUV

At the moment tool not supports mixed format, but it will be added in future releases.
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